Terms and Conditions
for Use of the Dating Platform

These terms and conditions apply to the contractual relationship between Mezz Holding Ltd. and its members.
Our website can only be used if it has already come of age and for non-commercial purposes.

§ 1 No marriage brokerage or marriage arrangement
The service offered by us makes it possible to get to know each other through both free and paid services. We do not owe a marriage brokerage or marriage brokerage.

§ 2 Conclusion of the contract
You can create a personal profile with us, with whom you can make contacts. Upon successful registration, we will provide you with services against payment of a fee. Before you can take advantage of these chargeable services, we will inform you about the content of the chargeable service as well as the prices and terms of payment.

§ 3 Contract extension and termination
Within our product-related contract contents, which you confirm during the ordering process, you will find the regular notice period for the membership fee. Termination must be effected by express declaration in written form (eg letter or fax).
If the customer does not terminate the contract in compliance with the normal period of notice, the contract for the fee-based membership will automatically be extended in accordance with the product-related contract contents, which you have accepted during the ordering process.
The extraordinary cancellation requires the text form and is subject to legal requirements.

§ 4 Liability
We assume no responsibility for incorrect information within the registration of our customers. We also can not assure mediation success. Therefore, no liability arises if you can not find a partner within the contract period. We only provide the customer with the IT services or technical devices for the automatic placement of contacts.
In the event that customers abuse the services of us in an improper or unlawful manner, wr accepts no liability. Also for the misuse of information we will not be held liable; especially not if the customer has made the information accessible to a third party.
We do not assume any warranty for the uninterrupted operation or the proper use or availability of the service at any time. In particular, we assume no liability if there are disruptions due to force majeure or events beyond our control. In addition, we are not liable in the event that third parties gain unauthorized knowledge of the personal information of a customer (eg by a “hacker attack”).

§ 5 Co-operation obligations of the customer
The customer is solely responsible for the content of his personal data and he assures the correctness of the information. We reserve the right to take civil action against customers who intentionally and / or fraudulently give false information.
The service of us is intended exclusively for private use. By registering, you enter into the obligation not to use our homepage for commercial purposes and not to use the data made available to you for commercial or advertising purposes. You are expressly not permitted to systematically collect the content of other users (eg through a special program or merely copying the data) and to use it for other purposes. In particular, computer programs such as crawlers are not allowed to be used to read other customers’ data.
If you have acted culpably, you are under an obligation to indemnify us from any claims, damages, losses or claims that may arise from your registration and / or participation in our service. This applies in particular to damages for libel, insult, violation of personal rights, because of the failure of services for other customers, a violation of these terms and conditions, for the infringement of intellectual property or other rights. The claim for reimbursement of expenses is limited in amount to the necessary or necessary for a specific purpose expenses.
It is your responsibility to treat emails and other messages confidentially and not make them accessible to third parties without the consent of their originator. The same applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and / or URLs or other personal data etc. of our customers.
We are entitled to delete these after twelve months after the dispatch or receipt of messages without further inquiry.
Furthermore, you undertake not to misuse the service, in particular:
Do not distribute any immoral, obscene, pornographic or right / left radical content or photos;
to disseminate any defamatory, offensive or otherwise unlawful material or information through the Service;
not to threaten, harass or violate the rights (including personal rights) of third parties;
not upload data containing a virus (infected software) or contain software or other material that is copyrighted unless the customer has the rights thereto or required consents;
not to use the Service in a manner that adversely affects the availability of the Services to other Customers;
not intercept e-mails / messages or attempt to intercept them;
Send emails / messages to customers for no purpose other than communication and, in particular, refrain from advertising or offering goods or services to other customers (except where expressly permitted by us);
to send no chain letters;
not to send messages for a commercial purpose;
in the description of the person and free contact requests, do not give names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., unless this information is explicitly requested.

§ 6 Usage and copyrights In
relation to you, we are the sole owner of copying, distribution, processing and all copyrights as well as the right of intangible transmission and reproduction of our website as well as the individual content contained therein. This also applies to the content contributed by our customers.

§ 7 Miscellaneous
Should a provision of the contract or the terms and conditions be or become ineffective or should the contract be incomplete, the contract shall not be affected in its other content. In addition, the statutory provisions apply.
The law applicable in Hong Kong applies.
As part of the conclusion of the contract, no automatic storage of the contract text by us. Therefore, the customer is required to save the contract text valid on the website at the time of the conclusion of the contract, or to archive it in any other way.

Hong Kong, Mezz Holding Ltd.
Last update 16.04.2017

Terms and Conditions
for the use of the sales platform

By registering with Luckyemotion, hereinafter referred to as “operator”, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Without agreement, the website can not be used. Only persons over the age of 18 have access.

§ 1 Scope
The following terms and conditions govern the business between the operator and the persons registered with luckyemotion.com, hereinafter referred to as “users”. Deviating regulations of the user are only valid with the written consent of the operator.

§ 2 Service Content and Costs
The operator operates a community on the Internet in which users can register for free and create their own profile.
Within the community, the user can interact with other users. A cost overview can be found on the payment form. We assume no liability for server failures, programming errors. Any Severausfälle or malfunction of the script will not give rise to any claims for damages or restoration of the prevailing status of his account before the event. However, we strive to maintain service at all times.

§ 3 Rights and Obligations
The user is prohibited from engaging in any kind of unfair commercial advertising (spam) or otherwise violating any laws or rights of third parties (trademarks, names, copyrights, privacy, personal rights, etc.). The user undertakes to use the advertisement market exclusively for private purposes. Commercial use is not permitted. The content posted by the user is his own content, for which only the user himself is responsible. The operator only provides the system and the storage space. The operator is not obliged to check the Internet presence of the members for possible legal violations. The operator reserves the right, however, to partially or completely delete content and if necessary to block the user if, contrary to the rights of third parties, violates applicable law or the terms and conditions. A refund of already paid amounts will not be made. In the event of discrepancies, for repayment, you can submit a request to CCBill Support. Similarly, the operator may delete profiles that have not been used for more than six months.Upon termination of the membership or in the case of blocking by violation of the rules or misconduct a refund of the already paid contributions is not possible. There is also no entitlement to other benefits.

Each member agrees to refrain from:
– the sending of spam or advertising within the community
– any advertising communications and the like. through dissemination of urls, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, links, sms, skype, …
– attempts to unsubscribe, to other portals / websites,
– to upload software that harms or harms our community in any other way.
– publish offensive content
– perform unlawful, misleading, malicious, violent or discriminatory acts
– gain foreign credentials to access an account owned by another member
– Capture content using automatic programs (such as spiders, bots, or scrapers).

The user agrees to indemnify the operator from any claims that third parties may suffer due to infringement of their rights or privacy due to content posted by the user. In such cases, the user agrees to assume the costs of legal defense, including all legal and attorney’s fees of the operator.

§ 4 product sales and payment
The user is entitled to use our Seller Platform to sell goods. The user is responsible for the content, images, description, etc. Images intended for adults only have to be marked FSK18. We reserve the right to delete content and images. The payment of the sold goods is taken over directly by the buyer and does not take place over our platform. We are neither liable for the goods nor for the payment of the buyer. There is no sales commission from our side.

§ 5 Liability
We assume no liability for the content of external links. The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their operators. Incidentally, the liability is excluded except in the cases of § 309 No. 7a and 7b BGB.

§ 6 termination
The user has the right to unsubscribe online at any time without giving reasons. With the deregistration the profile data of the user are deleted. The previously concluded contract is over. Already made payments will not be refunded.

§ 7 Privacy
When registering, the user expressly agrees to the collection, processing and use of personal data. However, he can revoke his consent at any time.

§ 8 protection of minors
We take the protection of minors very seriously. If you find content that is harmful to minors, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible about our support. We will check any violations as soon as possible and act accordingly.

§ 9 Usage and copyrights
We are, in relation to the User, the sole owner of reproduction, distribution, processing and all copyrights as well as the right of intangible transfer and reproduction of our website and the individual content contained therein. This also applies to the content contributed by the user.

§ 10 Ineffectiveness or impracticability
Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remainder of the remainder remains unaffected. The ineffective or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable provision whose effects come closest to the economic purpose pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.
The law applicable in Hong Kong applies.
As part of the conclusion of the contract no automatic storage of the contract text by us. Therefore, the customer is required to save the contract text valid on the website at the time of the conclusion of the contract, or to archive it in any other way.

Hong Kong, Mezz Holding Ltd.
Last update 19.09.2017