Slip sales and fragrance business

If you want to have lucrative income along the way then Lucky Emotion can help you. Many of our members initially thought it was impossible to make money from this business. But one thing is certain, there is an enormous demand for worn laundry. For several years, a steady increase in sales of this industry has been recorded worldwide.

There is also a steady increase in fetishists. One might think that normal sex life device falls more and more into the background and the preferences for other satisfactions meanwhile the Altag. Panty and smell fetishists do not like to come out, but the majority of men are just odor fetishists.

Your big chance is now to cut a small slice in the ever-growing market. The effort is low and the revenue can take on gigantic forms. The fragrance lovers are ready to spend 30-70 euros for a worn panties. There are even lovers who reach much deeper into the bag.

The wide world makes it possible.

Most people do not care how you make their money, the main thing is the revenue. The slip or laundry sale is a normal business and no one needs to have moral concerns. As I said, the fragrance lovers like to remain anonymous, this certainty ensures you also the anonymity.

Why say no to more money for the panties? In some cases, the wishes of the fragrance lovers will seem abnormal, if you require a refining. If you please wear the panties a bit longer than usual. But the intensity of the smell excites many men and increases the erratic fantasies. You just do not just have a worn panties. You want a special form of refinement. Even if it seems a bit disgusting to you, what kind of preferences some men have, but you should not even think about it.

The limits of what you sell and where you send the goods you decide all alone. You do not have to feel ashamed, because you always remain anonymous and the buyer knows only what you want to reveal about yourself.

Dreams and fantasies!

As exciting as it is for the many fragrance enthusiasts worldwide to acquire the hot coveted panties of unknown women from all nations directly online, it is so attractive and promising for the ladies to bring the worn panties (unique) expensive to the man. In fact, selling used linen offers highly attractive income opportunities.

A few tips: Especially when selling lingerie and personal briefs, you should as little as possible reveal yourself. That starts with the transfer of money. Credit cards and bank transfer are not suitable. There your personal data are deposited and the buyer has access to this data. The money should be paid via Paypal or Bitcoins. There you stay anonymous, because there is only one email address visible to the buyer. Paypal, Bitcoins can make it easy to earn money by selling worn lingerie and other beautiful items online. Also when sending the goods please do not give your sender address on the package, otherwise you give up your anonymity. As we all know, there are also very dangerous people like psychopaths and stalkers in this world.

As soon as you offer laundry for sale, you can set it for a fixed price. The worn panties, however, should be set on a negotiated basis. Our members have the best experience. Because the customer can then decide how long you should wear the slip, which quality the slip should have. After the customer requests have been communicated to you, you can determine the price.