Our online marketplace

Many individuals shy away from investing in their own online shop and therefore often start with the first own shop via an online marketplace. Online retailers, especially “newcomers” in e-commerce – is the own shop over an online marketplace usually even the only alternative to create the jump into the online business. We see our online marketplace as a classified ad market where you can offer and sell goods at will. The small and effective difference compared to other online marketplaces is obvious. Fee increases, stricter principles, sales control and and and. At regular intervals, the online marketplaces give their traders new instructions that must be followed strictly – otherwise they threaten to downgrade or, in the worst case, even expel them. Online retailers are not pleased with the ever-changing conditions, but this means a lot of time and sometimes even higher investment, for example, when thousands of product images have to be laboriously replaced or a free shipping method must be offered. This can not happen to you in our online marketplace, because in this point you are your own master at Lucky Emotion. There are no fees and commissions for Lucky Emotion. Everything you generate revenue into your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

Lucky Emotion - Registration to your own shop

Registration: register quickly and easily

Join Lucky Emotion and choose a membership. After that, you can start setting up your profile and your goods. After registration you will receive a confirmation email from Lucke Emotion to verify your email address. AND YOU CAN START

List products: it does not get any easier

Your products that you want to sell should include a detailed description and a meaningful image. Determine the price, shipping method and payment. It remains up to you how you want to receive your money, it should only be visible in the description. Also, you should specify whether you are shipping worldwide or only regional.

Customers buy your product

If you do not specify a fixed price, the customer will ask you first how much you demand. This usually happens with the messenger. Now you can negotiate with the customer and clarify the modalities.

Send the goods to your customers

Depending on the agreement, you should quickly send the goods to your customer. There are several service providers available. The shipping costs ultimately decide whether you send the goods by express, DHL, regular mail or another transport company the goods.


To build a successful business in the long term, you should treat your customers very well. You know the saying “the customer is king”. Reliability, fairness and correctness are the key words of a long-term buyer and seller relationship. The customer, but also you have the right to give a rating. In addition, the customer can still send you stickers for special attention. A positive customer rating and many stickers increase your success enormously.

Safety first

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