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No matter what you want to achieve in your life, the first impression is crucial. The same is true when creating a profile. Try to be different from the other profiles, give your profile a bit of a kick and promote yourself.
Disarmed honesty, so you should stay with the truth, but also necessarily describe your expectations. Your creativity knows no bounds, so take some time for your profile, because it’s really worth it.

Here are some tips:
• As I said the first impression decides, this includes a photo! Without a photo you will not get where you want to go. With a picture, your profile will receive much more resonance. After all, you also want to see a photo of the other person.
• Is the nickname important? Not really, but he could memorize himself. A memorable nickname is therefore an advantage
• Describe yourself very well, including the headline. The headline was first read by the visitors.
• Brevity is the soul of wit. Do not bore a profile visitor with ellenlangen texts, which are rarely read at the first contact. Formulate short and precise, that awakens curiosity. Also avoid vulgar expressions or negative experiences in the text. Describe your strengths and your character, but do not overdo it.
• Occupational activities and private hobbies are of strong interest and should not be missing in any profile.
• Lies have short legs. As you surely know, people are shaped differently. One stands on thick, the other on thin people. It is not for nothing that every pot finds its lid. So if you are a little heavier, do not slim, because the people who are on thicker people will not pay attention to your profile. However those who lean on slim people will contact you. Such cheating fly up at the latest on the first date. Therefore, stay with the truth.
• Do not hide anything important to you, such as children, family, values. There are enough seekers who want a large family.

Tips for products Sales:
• Without pictures, you will not sell a product, that should be clear to everyone.
• The buyers are people who are a bit fetish. If you sell panties, then you are welcome to use vulgar expressions. Because the idea of ​​the written already enough to want to own this panty.
• In order to secure you regular customers, it is very important to serve your customers quickly and to carry the goods according to their ideas. Send so very fast and pack them airtight.
• As a means of payment you should offer Paypal or bank transfer. In both cases your private data will not be transmitted.
• Never post your private email or address to buyers. There are usually correct buyers, but still there are black sheep. Safety is paramount, you should not take any risks here.