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Security – Privacy Your data – your security
We want you to be able to move around our network safely, so we take the protection of your privacy and privacy very seriously. We do not pass on data to third parties. Pay attention to the secrecy of your password. Use a strong password, which consists of different numbers, characters and letters to ensure your safety. We use so-called cookies on our website to facilitate you the permanent access to the network. Cookies are small files that are stored by a website on your computer. For the user, a cookie means that you do not have to sign in again when visiting an encrypted site. Cookies do not contain personal data. Cookies do not harm your PC and contain no viruses. Tips: Please handle your data responsibly. Protect yourself and your personal data and do not pass on any data such as address, e-mail address, phone number carelessly. Only then can you communicate anonymously and without worries. Do not forget to log out for your own safety after using Lucky Emotion so that no one else has access to your computer and can open your account again in the browser. Note: Your well-being is very important to us and we would wish that you personally feel the same way. Lightheartedness has caused many people sleepless nights. You should use these tips in all your life situation and not only on our platform. Remember, safety should always come first.


Here a distinction is made between registered member – seller and buyer.

A registered member (seller) can post products, create a profile, and view other profiles of sellers.

A registered member (buyer) can view products, send messages to Premium and registered members.
Both members see the profile pictures blurry and can not write VIP members. Excluded are VIP members who also hire products. FSK 18 images must be unlocked by verifying themselves. You can do this by clicking on the “Fake Check” button in your profile and entering the data and the verification code there. You can also verify yourself with the “SMS Check”. Both are recommended, because the buyer, the seller, the premium and VIP member can see your status. For each member, that’s a proof that you exist, and so he’ll get in touch with you as well.

A PREMIUM member has more features than a registered member. For example, he / she can respond to all messages, forcing sales.

A VIP member has unlocked all the features, from video chat, dating, all communication options, he can set products, answer questions and communicate. All profile pictures are clear except the FSK 18 pictures, also here you must first verify and confirm your age.