Why are the images in the profiles out of focus?

You have two options with Lucky Emotion. First, you can buy and set products, these product images in the shop are not fuzzy. For this you can be a registered member or premium member. Second, you can find and get to know a life partner. For this it is necessary to become a VIP member. VIP members see the profile pictures clearly and not out of focus.

Why can not I read messages?

You can read and answer the messages sent to you if you are in possession of a premium membership. Then you have full access to all premium features in Lucky Emotion. This includes reading and sending messages.

Why can not I view FSK18 images?

For reasons of youth protection, access to pornographic content only takes place after age verification. The possibility to see FSK 18 images undistorted, you get, if you can verify yourself. To do this, click on the symbol in your account “FAKE CHECK”. Then enter your data and the verification code you received by email.

How do I set up products to sell them?

You have to log in and then click on “manage product”. Everything else is self-explanatory. Please note, if you want to be successful, that you set a meaningful text and beautiful pictures. Experiences of other members prove, the more meaningful the text, the more sales. The success always depends on the representation of the person (profile) and the goods.

What is the process after the sale?

After ordering in your Lucky Emotion Shop, you will automatically receive a message. This includes the data and information of the buyer. You can already specify everything in your product offer. Which method of payment you accept, how the delivery service is etc .. In the settings “product management” you can already enter your phone number, your address, your email address. However, we strongly recommend that you do not set this to “PUBLIC”. Otherwise, anyone visiting your profile can see your address. Always try to protect your privacy as much as possible. In our messenger you can clarify with the customer all details for the purchase. The seller does not transfer the amount automatically after his purchase. It happens that your e-mail account has mistakenly classified our e-mail as spam and therefore ends up in the spam folder. Please also check the spam filter of your email provider ..

Why did not I receive a confirmation email?

Maybe the confirmation email has landed in the spam folder of your email program? It is also possible that the e-mail is in the spam folder of your e-mail provider, some providers do not forward e-mails. Then you would have to log in directly on the website of the e-mail provider in your account and look there. If the confirmation email is not there, you may have mistyped your registration. If everything does not lead to success, please send an e-mail to our support. We are happy to help you immediately!

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, simply click on “delete account”. If you have a premium or VIP membership, you must first on our website in the top tab click the button “Settings” and then set your payment to us.

How can I choose another subscription?

If you are in possession of a premium membership and would like to switch to a VIP member, then you can do so at the end of the premium membership. If this takes too long, send the support a request for immediate Change

Is there a notice period of membership?

You do not have to worry, you can end your membership at any time. We do not bind our customers to any term, our member decides how long they want to stay members. However, we do not refund any amounts, so if you have already paid a subscription, you must end the membership no later than 24 hours before extension. Your subscription expires on the agreed deadline. Of course, you can continue to use our service over the entire remaining term in full.

I want to report a user, how do I go about it?

First of all we would like to thank you for any support to make our internet portal safe and fair. That’s why we make sure that insults, unfair abuses or stolen images or content are deleted immediately. If you tell us something like this, we will check it immediately. Our support will promptly review the submissions as soon as we have been notified. Although our software independently checks the contents, mistakes occasionally sneak in. We depend on your support.

Why was my account blocked?

We only block accounts if a member has violated our policies. Refunds for services already paid are excluded if applicable law or our principles have been violated.
I would like to report a fault, how do I proceed?
If problems arise, we are always available for you (24/7). Our support can be reached both by chat and by email. We strive to find a solution as soon as possible.

How can I completely delete my profile?

If you want to delete your profile, you can do this at any time in the settings of your account.